Tips to be considered while playing the game of fantasy cricket

Understanding fantasy cricket

What’s meant by fantasy cricket? Fantasy cricket is a virtual game that is played online. This could be understood as if one is a team coach and is supposed to select 11 players for making a team. The only fact that the players can be picked from either of the playing teams differentiates fantasy cricket team selection from a real selection of teams. In fantasy cricket, the choice of players depends on one’s experience and knowledge of the game. Nowadays, fantasy sports are trending and among all of them, cricket has been an all-time hit. Fantasy cricket win real cash has been a driving factor for the app in gaining popularity. The points made while playing depends on the player’s real-time performance.

Winning fantasy cricket is dependent on research work and skilful knowledge of the game. Picking players for a perfect team is the most important factor in winning. The choice of a good team serves as your opportunity to enter contests based on your subscription of the game.

However, keeping in mind a few tips and tricks may help the person claim a large number of wins and thus making more and more money. Success in fantasy cricket not only depends on luck but hard research work, skill and knowledge are more important.

Tips to help you claim more wins

  • Selecting your dream 11: The priority is given to the selection of players to make an unbeatable dream 11. This is the first step for starting the game. Though this may sound simple the selection is a crucial process as the players may turn the game upside down. A player’s form in recent game performances may be considered in fantasy platform and that’s because it’s you who’s score and earnings depends on the same. One must make the selection wisely and be very careful while choosing the captain and vice-captain. The experienced fantasy players opt for informed players for short matches while the quality and big players are chosen for long term matches. Because it has seen, there is a high probability of playing a good inning of inform player than out of from player.
  • Flexibility and assessment of pitch report and weather conditions: Before locking the dream 11 one should be patient enough and wait for pitch report and weather conditions accompanied by the choice of toss. After accessing all these conditions, the team should be locked. All these conditions are necessary as they may be a turning point in the result of the match. The flexibility at this level may prove worth it but for all this one has to be patient and skilful. If no information about the pitch is delivered then one may consider online searches for the same.
  • Venue history: Venue history means the assessment of previous match results and conditions n the same ground and pitch may guide you about the type of players to be chosen. The previous scores on the venue may help to analyze the score and wicket conditions and these two are the turning factors.
  • Toss details: The toss is an important factor of the game that may determine the position and Power of the teams. The experienced fantasy players wait for the toss results before locking the dream 11. The toss is important to be considered because every team and players have their strength.
  • Choosing two of the important players of the team: Yes, that’s right. Captain and the vice-captain form the important players of your team and their perfect selection may end you being the winner of the match. In fantasy cricket games a captain can earn twice the normal points and a vice-captain may earn 1.5 times the normal points. It is just the same as playing with an extra player in your team and you may finalize your win by making the right selection.
  • Not being ruled by the emotions: One should be practical and the team should not be made using emotions. This means that favoritisms should not. You might be a diehard fan of any player but that should not be the criteria of selection. Instead, the selection should be based on performance as it’s your money or win that is at stake.
  • Playing with multiple teams: This is an awesome feature of fantasy cricket games. You can maximize your chances of winning by playing with multiple teams and different players. This is the ultimate feature as you are always hopeful that if you lose one you may win the other.
  • Right combination of players: The wins in fantasy cricket depends totally on the appropriate selection of players. Mostly the informed all-rounders are considered better as they may be adjusted in all the three requirements of the match and may help you earn a good score. The same is true with the selection of wicketkeepers as well.
  • Comparing statistics: Stats and research are a must before starting with anything. So is the case with fantasy games. To claim real prizes and cash you have to maximize your score and wins. To do so it is necessary to do the homework for the same and be prepared with all related information beforehand.

Summing up, India is a cricket crazy nation and fantasy cricket is an all-time hit. In addition to the moral value and love for the game, the feature of real cash win in fantasy cricket makes it even more important. A bit of research and careful application of knowledge and experience may help you claim more and more. With the above mentioned online fantasy cricket tips, one can surely enhance his/her capacity of wins. Fantasy cricket is a game of skills and requires the effective application of stats and knowledge to claim wins. Assessing the quality of both teams is very important. Big names don’t work always so be careful and select the top inform players to increase your winning chances.

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