Electric Or Gas Shower? Find Out Which Option Is Best For Your Home


Both the gas shower and the electric shower use many resources to provide hot water for each shower. Knowing this, many consumers tend to question whether there is a more cost-effective model. To answer this question, we brought you a post with the pros and cons of each option and look for best company near me when buying. Follow up before renovating for the exchange or installation of a new shower!

Electric Shower Features

Most bathrooms have an electric shower — it is present in more than 70% of homes in the country. As its name implies, it is a model that works from energy consumption, using a resistance to heat water.


  • easy installation: requires little or no bathroom change;
  • low cost: the simplest electric showers can be found at an attractive price for those who want to save;
  • modern options: you can find models with pressurizers and electric showers that play music.


  • risk of shock: if improperly installed, it may cause problems in the electrical network or accidents to the user;
  • lower water flow when compared to the gas shower;
  • does not work at times when there is a power outage.


The electrical shower ground wire needs to be connected to the house or apartment ground wire. To use it more safely in the bath, the consumer should never touch the appliance while it is on.

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Gas Shower Features

Unlike the electric model, this shower needs a gas point, thermal pipes, and a gas pass heater to heat the house’s water.


  • it has a good water flow, which guarantees a more pleasant shower;
  • allows better temperature control;
  • the gas heater can serve other water outlets in the house.


  • installation service is more expensive: it requires specialized labor for the execution of specific piping;
  • its operation depends on the gas distribution network that comes from the street, or the condominium served;
  • requires annual maintenance carried out by a specialized company.


The gas passage heater must be installed in a location with good air circulation. This care will avoid possible accidents caused by carbon monoxide leakage. Service areas are good places to keep the equipment.

The Best Option For The Consumer

In many places, a cubic meter of gas is often cheaper than a kilowatt-hour of electricity bills. Despite these savings, the gas shower tends to take longer to heat the water, making the device need to stay on longer. Because it heats up faster, the electric shower requires less running water time. In addition, many people reduce the opening of this type of appliance to obtain a warmer temperature, which results in greater water savings.

Note that, in both cases, it is necessary to consider the cost of the water consumed. For this reason, choosing the best shower will always depend on the prices charged for electricity, gas, and water in the region where you live. Assess these factors before making a decision. Thus, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of the device, whether it is an electric shower or a gas shower. Finding the best contractor to do the installation should be also put into consideration when buying.

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